PC's from Quality Computers give you more than just a box!
The following features are NOT normally included by most of our competitors
but are INCLUDED by Quality Computers:-
All Quality Computers PC's are ready to use.
- MS Windows, is fully updated (Dell, PC World etc. you have to typically download 75Mb or more)
     (this must be done before you use your PC, to make it safer and more reliable)
- Default language set to English UK, rather than US
- All Quality Computers systems include :-
  - Anti Virus protection (that you do not have to pay extra for after 90 days)
       Anti Virus protection is fully up to date, with all the latest downloads applied.
  - Anti Spyware protection (that you do not have to pay extra for after 90 days)
      Anti Spyware protection is fully up to date with all the latest downloads applied.
  - PDF creator (you can make PDF’s for attaching to your e-mails and filing, from just about any application).
  - Adobe Acrobat PDF reader (the most up to date version).
  - An enhanced file manager.
  - MS Windows Genuine Advantage Validation.
     (This is a feature from Microsoft and is required to ensure that your copy of
      MS Windows [that is included with new PC’s from Quality Computers ] is not a fake.
      Pirate copies of  MS Windows will not pass this validation,  without validation, you will not
      be able to  update Windows. Windows updates are needed to make your PC more  
     reliable and to protect your PC from Internet security [bugs] attacks).
  - The most up to date version of Microsoft Update (helps keep your MS software up to date)
  - The most up to date version of Windows Media Player.
  - The most up to date version of MS Internet Explorer (for safer surfing of the web).
  - CD / DVD Writing software fully installed, fully up to date and tested*.
  - DVD playback software fully installed, fully up to date and tested*.
  - Enhanced filing system for "My Documents".
  - Sun Microsystems Java Runtime fully up to date (to enhance web site access).
  - MS NetFramework Runtime, latest version, fully up to date (to enhance web site access).
  - Flash Player from Macromedia (Adobe), latest version, fully up to date  (to enhance web site access).
  - Shockwave Player from Macromedia (Adobe), latest version, fully up to date.
Very few or none of the above are normally included by our competitors.
We take the extra care above to help you get the most out of your new PC with as little frustration as possible. For you to install the above, if you are computer “savvy” with a high speed Internet connection will take a couple of hours, if on the other hand you are not a computer “wiz” with a slow Internet connection, it would take you many hours/days, if you now what you have to do in the first place.
We also include:-
  - MS Windows original CD ROM**
      (We install MS Windows from your CD, so you can be sure that the CD works!)  
 - MS Windows Certificate of Authenticity (COA)**   
     (Pirate copies of Windows do not have a COA. With a Pirate copy of MS Windows you may save
    up  to a £100 on the price of your PC [yes it is that much], you will be taking part in a criminal act
    and you will not be able to update your software, your PC will be unreliable, open to Internet security
    attacks with no support from Microsoft or any other legitimate support service provider)

Before you purchase your PC from Quality Computers we will spend the time needed to help select the most appropriate specification for your computing needs (many people have no idea of what is the most suitable PC specification for what they want to do, they either dramatically over specify (wasting money) or under specify to keep the cost down and are then disappointed with the PC that they purchase (also a waste of money). We can solve the former and save you money but may not be able to help with the latter, we would prefer not to supply anything rather than have a disappointed client.  

Included in the price of your PC from Quality Computers are there following advantages
- FREE technical support, that is NOT a call centre
- Local Call Rate (or less) contact phone number, with a FREE call back service to UK land lines.
- Dedicated engineer support

We do have reasonable delivery times.
We aim not to deliver late (in the unlikely event that we do, we let you know)
We do not included lots of extra bits that you are never likely to use.(just to make the package look as though you are getting more for  yourmoney, why spend the extra if you don’t need the extras anyway?).

If you order MS Office software from us it will be at much lower cost than normal retail prices
-  It will be fully installed and ready to use.
-  It will be fully updated (making it more reliable and safer to use)
- You get the original CD / DVD ROM & COA**
   (please see COA / Piracy notes above. Due to software piracy many people think that MS Office
   [Word, Excel etc.] is Included with MS Windows, sadly it is not.  A pirate copy of office could give you
  a criminal record (theft), an unreliable and unsafe PC, all for the saving of a few quid.
If you need a good quality office type product, we can install OpenOffice.
 OpenOffice is a powerful free product, it is not MS Office but is very compatible with MS Office.
  If you would like more information about OpenOffice please contact us (sorry we cant offer a free,
  practical alternative to windows, well we can, but we do not support it).

Optional services:-
We can deliver, unpack, connect and show you how to turn on your new PC.
We can also carry out extra work such as connect and installing your existing peripherals (printers etc.)
We can transfer your data from your old PC to your new Quality Computers PC
We can help you with you backup and maintenance of your computer.
We can connect you to the Internet (Dial-up, Broadband, Wireless etc.).
We can help you set-up your e-mail

ABOUT THE PC’s from Quality Computers  (techie’ stuff) -
Quality Computers PC's are made from carefully selected industry standard parts
We have no “Off the shelf” systems, we design your PC specific to your needs.
We can incorporate interfaces to older equipment such as parallel & serial ports
You can have a floppy disk drive
We avoid supplying as standard, any special parts so that spares can be obtained more easily.
You receive a full audit of the build process of your PC
You receive a full burn-in test log with your PC
Still using DOS, Windows 95/98? we may be able to help you.
We also offer portable (Laptop/Notebook) PC;s

Because all PC’s that we offer are designed and built to give you the best specification, performance and value to suite YOUR needs, we do not have a price list in a publishable form (it would be far to complicated). However :-
We do not charge a fortune for delivery by carrier.
We do not have order handling charges
We do not offer really low specification, cheap PC's as a marketing plot and then up sell you by £500
We do not build to a price, we have higher standards to maintain.
We do build PC’s based on AMD and Intel processors
(though we do not supply desktop systems based on the Intel Celeron processor, we are not “box shifters” we consider that it is a “box shifter” product (with a perceived value for money) and its performance / value for money are not appropriate to our  “LEO Flexi PC” brand name) .

In spite of all  the advantages offered by Quality Computers our prices are surprisingly good.
Why not contact us for a quote.

All registered Trademarks acknowledged.
* If the appropriate device is included in the offer
** Most reputable suppliers will include these items, software Pirates will not!
Quality Computers only offer New Hardware and Software, all optional support services are provided by Graham Jacobs under separate scope of supply.

None of the above constitutes or forms any contractual agreement.
All offers subject to Quality Computers terms and conditions of business
(as soon as they are unpacked, connected and powered up) unlike most of our competitors.
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