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High Reliability Servers (SBS).
Quality Computers only accept orders from customers who fully agree with the following terms: -
1. All Contracts of Supply of Goods and or Services, are offered under English Law and EC Directives
2. Errors & Omission excepted (E&OE)
3. Goods are sold on the strict understanding that the purchaser is competent to install/operate/maintain/use the goods purchased for the purpose that they are intended for. No liability is accepted purchasers ability to use the goods purchased
4. All orders will require full payment with order, including VAT.
5. Goods will only be released against cleared funds, unless other terms have been agreed in advance of the order. Government, Medical Authorities, Public Hospital, Education & Local government orders accepted with certified purchase order, on the strict understanding that all payments will be made in line with the budget proposals of 1992 (30 days) and 1993. Interest will be payable for all late payments at the rate of .05% per day. Account Orders of less than £100 exclusive of carriage & VAT will be subject to a £20 administration charge. No warranty or support will be given if accounts are overdue. Title to goods supplied remains with Quality Computers until goods are paid for in full (including carriage & VAT).
6. Prices shown in the price list are exclusive of UK VAT (unless otherwise stated). VAT must be added to the prices shown at current rate (17.5%), Unless an Exemption Certificate is supplied by the customer or the goods are to be shipped by us to a location outside of the EC
7. All payments should be in favour of "Quality Computers".
8. Quoted delivery times are subject to our Quality control procedures (“time is of essence” orders are not accepted).
9. The products are subject to availability and prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. We will make every effort to supply the parts as specified in our lists, if these parts are unavailable we will supply similar parts of equal quality to the same or higher specification, at our discretion.
10. Goods will only be supplied as “fit for purpose” against customers written specification. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the goods specified and ordered meet his/her requirements no warranties are implied or given that goods are suitable for the customers purpose
11. Goods are not sold on an "Approval" basis. The "suitability of the goods for purpose" is the responsibility of the customer.
12. Returns & Cancellation will be subject to a 20%  (£25 min) restocking charge.
13. All performance values are "as supplied" unless the customer gives a written specification of performance requirements.
14. Hardware configuration will be set to Hardware/Operating Software defaults, for a "Stand Alone PC" unless customer supplies written instructions to the contrary.
15. Compatibility - Individual items are Guaranteed to be compatible, when set to default operation, with the Generic PC set-up under supported operating software. Compatibility is not guaranteed under enhanced set up options of driver software. Any incompatibility that may be caused by enhanced drivers are to be resolved between the customer are the writer of the driver software.
16. Whilst we will take every care of the customers equipment whilst in our charge however, we will not be liable if circumstances beyond our control cause any loss, damage, failure, destruction or theft, of customers data or equipment however caused (please make sure your equipment is fully Insured).
17. In the event of loss of data or down time that is associated with computer hardware or software faults, we accept no liability for any such faults or consequences that may arise from such faults.
18. A charge will be made for the support of Software and Hardware not supplied by Quality Computers.
19. If goods are paid for but are not collected with-in one month of payment. A storage charge will be levied at £2 per day (+VAT)
20. If goods/services are not paid for with-in 3 months of invoice. Any customers goods will be disposed of to cover the cost work and or materials. Storage charges will also be applicable.
WARRANTY - All major NEW items sold are warranted against Mechanical Failure for 12 months from date of purchase.
UPGRADES & REPAIRS – Warranty only applies to parts supplied and fitted by under the original scope of work carried out by us. The return and collection of goods that are to be repaired under warranty for Upgrade & Repairs will be at the customers cost, we reserve the right to carry out any warranty repair onsite and/or to use a third party contractor.
NEW SYSTEMS – Warranty covers the cost of return to our works, free parts, labour and carriage back to the customer, we reserve the right to carry out any warranty repair onsite and/or to use a third party contractor.
All warranty claims are subject to fair wear and tear and will be void if equipment has been misused or mishandled in any way. (Mice, Trackball and Joysticks have a limited warranty of 30 days, Keyboards are warranted for 90 days). · Warranty is invalid if equipment is not kept and used in a Clean “Office / Home” type environment (IP54), unless otherwise specified in our detailed offer. · Warranty does not cover routine maintenance or consumable items, described in the equipment manuals as supplied by the original manufacture · Warranty does not cover Software or Software Installation or Set up, software is licensed, you only purchase the right to use the software. Any software warranty issues must be directed to the software owners. · Warranty does not cover Hardware or Software damage to goods (however caused) by the customer or while goods are in transit. · Warranty where we supply only parts may be subject to a handling charge of £25.00 + VAT · If equipment has been tampered with, warranty claims may be subject to a charge of £25.00 + VAT · ALL warranty claims where no Hardware fault is found will be subject to a minimum charge of £100.00 + VAT · Customers must keep all packing for the period of the warranty to allow correct protection of any goods that may need to be returned.
SUPPORT · FREE Technical Support on the understanding customer pays for the phone call and the call is not training related.  Technical support excludes training on how to use the equipment supplied (training may be purchased – please call for details). ALL telephone support will be withdrawn if the caller is un co-operative or aggressive.
Carriage and insurance costs are not the responsibility of Quality Computers with respect to any warranty or transit damage claims. Transit damage claims must be notified to Quality Computers with-in 24 hours of the customers receipt of goods, by telephone, fax or e-mail, otherwise the carriers will not accept any claims for damage in transit. All goods that are deemed to be damaged in transit will require a written statement from the customer with-in seven days of the notification of the damage, to support any claim against the carrier.
NOTE (1) All specifications are offered based on the original makers specification of all items offered and supplied e.g. VDU sizes are the tube size, stated by the original maker and not the viewing size of the display.
01-Mar-06 Rev 1.2
TERMS & CONDITIONS of business